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Are you looking to get the perfect look for your big day, a special event or just the right colour for your everyday makeup? We are here to help. We have a selection of different brands to choose from including Youngblood, Jane Iredale, Colorescience and Inika. Check these out below.

Our Makeup brands



Colorescience believe in going way beyond UV. They are obsessively overprotective about preventing skin damage. When it comes to sunscreen, Colorescience believe it should be a purely physical relationship—not a chemical one. The best defense is a mineral suncare offense.

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Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale uses the highest-quality minerals available and organic ingredients when possible, their full line of cruelty-free skincare makeup enhances your natural beauty and nourishes your skin. All makeup and skincare products are free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and GMO ingredients.



INIKA Organic is 100% Australian owned. INIKA was born out of a need to detox. Conscious consumers were already removing harmful chemicals from their homes and diet, replacing them with wholesome, pure and natural alternatives. When it came to makeup, there wasn’t a healthy option.

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Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics continues to craft an extensive selection of innovative and high-performance beauty products, each gentle enough for use on damaged or healing skin, yet gorgeous enough for even the most selective makeup lover.